What's Going On At LOST HORIZONS Forum? #2



Did you notice BrainySmurf76 was exposed as a liar? A new spelling-challenged user "Homie" starts posting in May, over here, and asks for some supporting documentation from the suspected agents: "reason Im askin for show-me documents .. Dave said theys folk here not what they appear. That jus be a way to know who i deal with."

On May 24th BS76 says "My technically sufficient return (victory) can be seen here, http://losthorizons.com/taximages2/JDavis/2013FedDocs.pdf"

He also posted it here http://www.losthorizons.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3140#p30985

Over here BS76 & Homie share some banter and Homie takes up BS76 on his offer to ride around town, mentioning OKC.  BS76 reples with "what's that about OKC and friends? I don't live in OKC but I do go through there sometimes. [...]I'm born n raised in Jojuh (Georgia). You have me confused with someone else?"
On June 24th BS76 removes the link to his fed docs. Homie, beginning to see holes in the BS76 story mentions it: "I wonder why Brainy just removed his federal filing link showed he's from OK state with OKC employer?" BS76 doesn't respond.

Over here BS76 says "The following is from a book from a local profiteer in my state who sounds so sincere and..."  Homie notices "when I google ur tax problem solver it comes up Jeff Jones in WV. Did u move again? http://www.jeffreytjones.com/CM/Custom/Dealing-with-an-IRS-Problem.asp "  BS76 doesn't respond to that problem.

Over here BS76 alleges Homie is another user/s "Pottapauq and Nationwide." Homie doesn't respond to that allegation but notices BS76 is backing away from the 3176C letter he talked of receiving. Homie asks if the fed docs link he removed were his. BS76 replies with "Some good sleuthing there Homie but you're in error. I post things in certain ways to get a profile/pattern/fingerprint based on how you reply. I can see you with pen and paper jotting things down so you can recall them later here. You're good at copying and storing data. Do you have each forum members name with specific things noted? It appears you do. I make you think what I want, when I want and get the replies I expect."

Homie responds with "A simple Google search reveals the link you posted (in two seperate threads) and then removed: http://www.postimg.com/156000/googlesearch-155353.jpg" BS76 denies the docs he posted were his; calls it an error. And throws more barbs at Homie. Homie realizes he's been played by BS76 who's just been playing the forum to get desired replies with no regard for the truth and ends with "You cannot be trusted."

So a user discovers holes in BS76's story, and when pointed out, BS76 calls it an error. That's unlikely for several reasons. First, Homie asked for the docs to determine who he was dealing with. Would BS76 be so cavalier about something so important to make that error, twice? I say no. And then why the long delay (1 month) in addressing the hole in his story?  And the real kicker, if it really were an error he would have posted the correct docs. BUT HE DIDN'T! He gave no correction nor explanation. Conclusion: it was a lie, not an error. He didn't care until he was caught. In his mind lies don't need correcting. He carries on as if he did nothing wrong.  Lack of conscience is a peculiar trait of a sociopath. BS76 tipped his hand with his "make you think what I want" comment - that's a golden nugget right there.  This shows he's just gaming Pete's forum with no regard for you or the truth.

I've also been lurking the suspected quatloser "jesse james" over at FreedomWatch, another spelling-challenged persona. This writer believes jessejames and BS76 are the same. On July 6 jessejames writes this: "Took me a while to corner him into coming out with the truth.... but I was successful....tricked him right into it...didn't have a clue until it was to late. I used his ego to get the better of him."
I believe that's another admission of the tactics he's employing.  Using ego ... psychology to get desired results.  This is probably how the disinfo agents were able to silence other true CtC Warriors at LH forum, using Pete's ego against his own users.

Modern disinfo & propanganda at work; alive and well folks.

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