What's Going On At LOST HORIZONS Forum?


Fire on the mountain. Run, boys, run. Cabal's in the house of the LostHorizons. Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough. Tally does your Gator bite? No, child, no.

Have you noticed the weirdness over at Lost Horizons forum? Accusations, backslapping, deleted posts, posts about gardening? Just what exactly is going on? I may be able to help.

Since 2008 I've used knowledge learned from Pete Hendrickson and David Merrill to become a successful permanent NON-taxpayer. I learned of the banking connection to the income tax. Been a long time LH Forum reader and I have promoted Pete's work online. Naturally, in the course of my internet travels, I ran into the naysayers. But there was a something about a few of them, a ferocious tenacity, an arrogance that indicated I wasn't dealing with your average internet troll. No, this was something sinister, someone not interested in the truth yet well-versed in tax law, a professional. Could these be experienced disinformation agents?

The logical answer ... who benefits by suppressing tax truth? is there much at stake? Oh no, I guess not. Nothing but a bank scam generating trillion$ a year operating in partnership with goverment actors, right? Your taxes keep the banking Cabal and an oppressive government alive. Do you think these agents don't monitor LostHorizons Forum? Do you think they haven't infiltrated Pete's forum? posing as seekers? As CtC Warriors? What's required for a LH login? An answer to where you got Cracking the Code and a correct answer about the book. Not hard for a liar to get in. Not hard for someone without a conscience.

As someone immune to the venom of these liars, I've engaged and talked to these agents for a long time, since 2009 at least, at FreedomWatch and other online venues. I learned a lot about them. I can tell you that every public forum dealing with income taxes, has been fully infiltrated by these jokers. There's sophisticated software available enabling one agent to manage multiple online personas, each with a different personality & geographic IP address.

Unfortunately Pete's forum has been hit pretty hard by these fake patriots. I'd say at least 90% of the active posters are disinfo agents."That's Inconceivable!" you say. To most of us, yes, it sounds impossible because we're not wired to expect it. Why would someone intentionally lie and entice his countrymen into ... a modern form of slavery? Actually there's a certain type of individual who can do this easily, a type that has no problem deceiving others. Researchers say they comprise about 4% of the population and there's more to be said about them. But it's enough here to say they're real, they're in your neighborhood, and if you're at LostHorizons Forum you can watch them work. The purpose of each agent persona is different, but as I watch them, I learn. They work in unison towards the primary goal of keeping everyone paying taxes or else getting frivolized/penalized for their efforts. I've watched them argue, distract, misconstrue, mislead, & flame. They attempt to confuse, shape public opinion, goad the Warriors into trouble.
OK let's deconstruct a typical LH thread... but objectively, with an open mind. Here's the thread: To attach W-2 or not - that is the question.

Jbirddurango - opens the thread Wed Apr 09, 2014 and this is his/her first post.  States he is new to the forum and has just read Pete's book, is about to file 1st return but has a question: should the rebutted W2s be included?  He closes with "Any and all comments, suggestions, and help would be most appreciated. Thanks."
At this point we don't know much, we don't really know what we're dealing with.  He could be genuine.

BrainySmurf76 - responds later that same day saying he wouldn't send the W2 with the correcting Form 4852 as they "will be 2 opposing documents pertaining to the same thing which renders it frivolous." [note that's against filing instructions and there's nothing about 2 opposing documents in the IRS Frivolous List].

TallyGator - replies same day with: "In making your submission, you are either supplying information that agrees with what they already have or you are rebutting information that they already have. To submit both would not make whatever point it is that you are trying to make."  He's agreeing with Brainy.

At this point we should note these first two responders are essentially saying the same thing, don't include the W2.

Patriot1 - replies but the post has been deleted. If I recall, he said something about never using Form 4852 but in the successful filings he saw the W2s were attached, the unprivileged income was subtracted, the refund issued, and the filings were never considered frivolous, and gave an example filing link. He must've also said something about BrainySmurf76 and TallyGator being the same person because ...

TallyGator - responds with "If that comment was directed at me, I have only one persona."  then this is very interesting: "In response to the warrior who started this thread," Now the OP (Jbird) has made only 1 post yet already TallyGator has either 1) prematurely decided Jbird is is a [CtC]warrior (which makes Tally gullible), or, 2) would like us to think so (shaping public opinion), as if to say, "you can trust my other Jbird persona/agent".  TallyGator continues with: "Since lawful money is not a part of CTC,"  Patriot1 has talked about the lawful money issue and TallyG makes a point about saying it's not a part of CTC.  This mantra will be repeated over and over again by the suspected agents (another clue).  What are they trying to do?  TallyG closes by basically telling Patriot1 to shut up.

Jbirddurango - replies and tips his hand. First of all, he thanks (the other agents) TallyG & Brainy but not Patriot1.  He castigates Patriot1 and goes a little overboard with "could even be remotely related to CTC as that concept isn't covered in "Cracking the Code."  Same mantra. He supports Brainy & Tally.

BrainySmurf76 - responds likely to reinforce public opinion; for the agents and against Patriot1 (truth-teller?).

- ends the thread with "I just said that you had made your point, it is not CTC, and you really should stop promoting it."  Essentially telling Patriot1 to shut up.

UPSHOT. My thesis is that Pete's forum has been heavily infiltrated by parasite agents, and I believe that thesis is supported here.  All 3 suspected agents are against the lawful money issue, they're against Patriot1 (for what reason? is he revealing truth?) and they want him banished/silenced. It's statistically unlikely for 3 random users to be so uniformly hard on another user. Also notice the Jbird supplies a thoughtful (if one-sided) response and then ... drops off the face of the earth; no more posts! I suspect Jay keeps a boatload of these "Newbie posters" on ice for just such purposes. Jbird's job here is done; served its purpose at 2 posts total.  Now if the darkside owns the bulk of the logins, what will the public see?

Conclusion: Here is modern propaganda at work; alive and well.


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